Setting up Bloglovin & Showing Off Some Art

Hey guys, sorry for the seemingly random post.  I’m trying to set up Bloglovin on the site so people who aren’t on WordPress can follow me too =) If you’d like to follow this blog via Bloglovin, please visit one of the “pages” (About, All Things Crafty, In My Boudoir, Words…So Many Words) and clickContinue reading “Setting up Bloglovin & Showing Off Some Art”

Double the Fun!

So, I had to give a speech about using knitting as a form of therapy for stress, anxiety and depression this morning, and in preparing for that I did a quick rummage through my “unfinished projects” knitting basket. Now, I love to knit – there have been times when I knit hours and hours in oneContinue reading “Double the Fun!”

Checks outs my arts! BAM…

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I’m feeling super crazy/excitable at the moment.  Just wanted to share a drawing of mine with y’all [shameless self promotion…just shameless]. Is pretty, no? If you said yes, then THANKS, I try (lol).  If you said no, SAD FACE…don’t worry though, I’ll keep trying to impress you! IContinue reading “Checks outs my arts! BAM…”