Double the Fun!

So, I had to give a speech about using knitting as a form of therapy for stress, anxiety and depression this morning, and in preparing for that I did a quick rummage through my “unfinished projects” knitting basket.

Now, I love to knit – there have been times when I knit hours and hours in one day, and then other times where I don’t get a chance to pick up my needles for weeks! I’m also VERY easily distracted, which means that I have  a million unfinished knitting projects, because I’ll start one this week, then just start something else in the middle of it.

Anyways, for my speech I wanted to do a live demonstration of knitting, as well as get the audience to feel all that yummy, deliciously soft yarn.  I think I may have won a few converts today; they loved petting the yarn!

This is one of the pieces I brought with me today; it’s actually one of my own creations (pattern and all), using the combined techniques of “double knitting” and “entrelac.”  I call it  Double Knit Entrelac – yeah, original, I know!

See how it’s all two-sided and pretty! Yay!

If anyone would like the pattern for this scarf, just email me – it’s a little long (because it’s super detailed) to be published here!

xoxo YoshiAnn

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Easily Distracted. Writer. Knitter. Artist. Craftster. Shower Songstress. Lover of anything to do with: Writing. Fashion. Nail Art. Hair Fluffiness. Good times.

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