2022 Wrap Up

I thought it would be hard to top 2021, but 2022 was the professional equivalent of ‘hold my beer.’ This year, I learned so much about myself – as a person and a professional. I honed my technical writing skills, dove into user experience writing for one of the Fortune 500’s top 5 companies, andContinue reading “2022 Wrap Up”

Welcome February! Black History Month BuJo Setup

We’re one day away from February and I cannot believe how quickly this year is moving. Clearly, 2021 did not come to play and I need to get with the program. I’ve been steadily setting up my February bullet journal spreads over the past few weeks and I’m excited to share what I came upContinue reading “Welcome February! Black History Month BuJo Setup”

January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

Like many others, I am so excited to start fresh in 2021. My January bullet journal set up represents a mini- departure from last year’s notebook, in that I am attempting to draw more minimalist spreads that still make me feel like I’ve had a chance to “do some art.” I created a really funContinue reading “January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup”

Better (or Maybe Best) Days Ahead…

In the spirit of continuing to share random or sporadic updates with you all (I know, consistency on this forum is NOT my strength lol)…I just wanted to say that today I had the BEST day =) I mean look at that smile…it reaches my eyes lol =) I’ve had a rough couple of weeks:Continue reading “Better (or Maybe Best) Days Ahead…”