2022 Wrap Up

I thought it would be hard to top 2021, but 2022 was the professional equivalent of ‘hold my beer.’

This year, I learned so much about myself – as a person and a professional. I honed my technical writing skills, dove into user experience writing for one of the Fortune 500’s top 5 companies, and created a nifty little course (complete with workbook) on Business Storytelling that’s currently roaming the halls of one of the largest and most well-known tech campuses in the country! I spent weeks interviewing people from around the globe to write a series of just under 30 stories for the largest commercial real estate firm in the world – helping to create a collection that showcased growth, success, and innovation across the industry. In addition to that, I wrote a year-long middle school Critical Thinking course that launched a few months back in several states – because leaving the classroom doesn’t mean I don’t still want the very best for students everywhere. And last, but certainly not least, I worked to edit some really incredible K-12 curriculum this year, including my very first English Language Learner curriculum! In sum, your girl had a year!

Throughout it all, working remotely meant I got to spend more time than ever before with my family and friends, have the time and energy to do a little bit of traveling, and meet a lot of incredible people along the way. I feel so blessed to have had all the experiences that I did this year and I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings. Here’s to continued diversified writing and editing experiences and continued growth!

P.S. Hands down the best part of my year though…not working weekends (lol all current and former teachers know exactly what I mean).

P.P.S. #Impostorsyndromeofficiallyover

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