Checks outs my arts! BAM…

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I’m feeling super crazy/excitable at the moment.  Just wanted to share a drawing of mine with y’all [shameless self promotion…just shameless].


Is pretty, no? If you said yes, then THANKS, I try (lol).  If you said no, SAD FACE…don’t worry though, I’ll keep trying to impress you! I am not a quitter!

xoxo YoshiAnn

Published by yoshiann

Easily Distracted. Writer. Knitter. Artist. Craftster. Shower Songstress. Lover of anything to do with: Writing. Fashion. Nail Art. Hair Fluffiness. Good times.

6 thoughts on “Checks outs my arts! BAM…

  1. This is fantastic work!!! You are incredibly talented – the amazing detail in this sketch, the facial expression is captured perfectly, it is an absolutely fantastic pencil drawing!!

    Really looking forward to seeing more of your art, & to reading about your views on fashion!! Brilliant blog 🙂

    Stay stylish,

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

    1. Thank you very much; I really appreciate your kindness! I’m always so nervous about my drawings because it’s a secondary hobby, but now I’m all flustered and excited (lol). Thanks again =)

    1. Hi! Thanks, glad you liked =)

      I just went to Firefox to check, it seemed okay. Quick question (I’m not too tech savvy), is Firefox on Debian different from regular Firefox?

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