Moving On Up!

So for the past few years I’ve contemplated packing up my stuff and moving somewhere just totally new (for me, anyways) and living my life there in a new environment…at least for a time.  This past week, I did just that!

I moved to Alaska!

It sounds really exciting, and a bit impulsive, but it really wasn’t (impulsive, not exciting…it’s definitely very, very exciting so far).

I came with a plan. I’m back in school – steadily working towards my Ph.D – and this is just a step in that process, with the added bonus of being somewhere totally awesome (and a little “off the grid”).

So far the transition from New York to Alaska has been pretty awesome:

  1. It’s a little cold, but well, that’s to be expected.
  2. The people here are amazingly friendly. I worry that I may come off as a little weird because I’m definitely still giving off my “I-don’t-trust-or-talk-to-strangers-because-I’m-from-New-York” vibe, but hopefully that will get better with time.
  3. School is great, I mean like really great…I think I’ve “found my people.” To be fair, in graduate programs, everyone is the same major, so it makes academic conversations/interactions that much more enjoyable. When I made references to obscure texts, other people in my cohort actually know what I’m talking about…and that is awesome!

All in all, I’m really just enjoying being in this new environment! It’s only been a week, but with moving and unpacking and getting knocked out by the flu and recovering and getting settled in and beginning classes and getting to know my immediate/not-so-immediate surroundings, it feels like I’ve been here for a while.

With the way my schedule is set up, I imagine that I should have some time to post about the many things that have always distracted me (and the additional “Alaska only” type things that will undoubtedly soon start distracting me) from time to time.

I haven’t really been awesome about taking pictures just yet, but the other morning I woke up to this view outside my back porch…



Yeah, this is my life now. I really think this is going to be a great year!

xoxo YoshiAnn

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