Wild Alaskan Beauty (And Some City Stuff Too)

Just a few shots from the past week! I got back to Anchorage on Sunday night, and in between all the training and unpacking, I’ve managed to head out and take in some of the city’s (and its surrounding area’s) beauty…

My mom is with me (yay for visiting), so first we headed out to Potter’s Marsh – which was absolutely breathtaking this time of year! It was great because we went with my roomie and she basically knowns everything about everything, so we got to hear about the history and other fun tidbits along the way!photo 4 photo 3


It’s a ducky! I came across this super cute little guy as we were walking along.

My mom and my roomie taking pictures and enjoying the view!GEDC0329

Me and my mommykins! It’s been so great having her here.IMG_0754 IMG_0757 GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Seriously?!?! Why is it so gorgeous here?GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_0774

There was salmon in the river! So, so, so cool! IMG_0780

I know this may be wrong, but, ummm…they look delicious lol.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Then we headed up to Arctic Valley to do a little hiking and berry picking! It turns out it was a bit rainy, kinda cold and super foggy…but still an absolutely fantastic experience! I will admit that I do have the sniffles right now, but it was totally worth it!photo 2 photo 1

IMG_0748Berry Picking! According to my mom, the blueberries are delicious!IMG_0745

We also spent an afternoon in downtown Anchorage….


Looked at some cool plants…WP_20130817_037 WP_20130817_034

Saw some really cool art…WP_20130817_032 WP_20130817_030 WP_20130817_026 WP_20130817_005

Ate some yummy beer-battered halibut at Humphy’s…WP_20130817_009

Took some silly pictures…WP_20130817_013 WP_20130817_014 WP_20130817_022

Stopped in at the Anchorage Market and Festival…WP_20130817_024And even saw Historic City Hall!

Basically, I’m super happy to be back up North! I can’t wait to do some more exploring…I really think this is shaping up to be a great semester!

xoxo YoshiAnn

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