It’s The Little Things

Do you know that feeling, the one when you’ve accomplished something you’ve been meaning to do for a really long time?  You feel so excited and so proud of yourself; and it doesn’t even matter how small the actual accomplishment is, you just feel like you’ve conquered the world.  

That’s how I feel today!  Why, you might ask?

Because, after three long months, I have finally completely organized my Kindle!  Over 1000 books, all put one by one into varying collections…I went from 105 “pages” to just 3, now that everything is organized into collections.

I had been working on it  – half heartedly, I’ll admit – since September, but I decided that this break would be the perfect time to get everything all sorted out.  So over the course of the past two days, I have spent hours searching Amazon for the titles of books I bought and reading their “product pages” so I could figure out which category my books belonged in.  Trust me, it was an arduous process, but absolutely worth it!

Anyways, now that my Kindle is all organized, I’m off to read a wonderful new Gemma Halliday novel I found in the craziness of those 100+ pages =)

xoxo YoshiAnn

Published by yoshiann

Easily Distracted. Writer. Knitter. Artist. Craftster. Shower Songstress. Lover of anything to do with: Writing. Fashion. Nail Art. Hair Fluffiness. Good times.

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