Kate Gives Me Agida, But…

…she is one heck of a teacher and friend!

So this is Kate [click her name to visit her blog…do it, do it]!  She’s amazing!

We tutor little middle school munchkins together, and the most incredible thing happened this past Thursday.  Kate tutors English (and I do Math – yeah, I know) and on Thursday her kids were really bummed out about an English test that apparently the entire seventh grade averaged pretty badly on.  We usually work with our kids for an hour (then they go to an activity – like sports or dance or choir) and then we work with another set of students for the second hour – this Thursday however, Kate’s first set of kids begged to skip their activity so that they could keep studying/learning with her!

Their counselors were blown away, hell I was blown away!

We work with an amazing set of kids, and they’re so easy to talk with and get along with – but it’s obvious that Kate is really getting through to them!  I’m super proud of her [dear Kate, you are a goddess of tutoring…and driving, and Haitian revenge plots but that’s a story for another day].

xoxo YoshiAnn

P.S. Feature Photo courtesy of Melanie L.Benfield. [These are not the actual kids we tutor.]

P.P.S. Check out Kate’s much more detailed post about it at Katastrophe!

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