An Iconic (Or Not) Entry Into The Blogosphere!

In the past couple of months, I’ve become an avid blog reader.  Well, maybe “avid” is too strong a word – I not infrequently read several amazing lifestyle blogs, including A Beautiful Mess, Abby’s World and …love Maegan. I love what these women do; I’ve gotten such amazing ideas for DIY craft projects and  recipes,  in addition to fabulous hair tutorials, make-up/skin care tips, fashion tips and lots of pretty things to look at (in general).

I thought, well I could do that – with my own twist of course! So, now I’m blogging. Woo hoo!

Here, you’ll be able to follow me as I figure out all the summer, winter, fall and spring fashions that I love; the yummiest recipes for all occasions; any and everything to do with pretty hair, make-up and nail trends; my latest knitting projects (oh yeah) and my newest drawings interspersed with bits of some of my short stories and poetry.

I promise not to bore you to death! I’m an aspiring writer, so I’m a bit long-winded, but if you bear with me…it’ll be totally worth it (I think).

xoxo YoshiAnn

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